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Webflow developer and designer, no-code and yes-code expert

Creator, thinker, and visionary who fully trusts in the flow of life.

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A small selection of my recent work

It's been a wild ride since I've started out! I have worked with big and small brands from climate tech, fintech, business development, lifestyle, manufacturing, real estate and everything in between.

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Heirloom Carbon Technologies

Heirloom is restoring balance to our atmosphere by removing 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2035 using the world’s most cost-effective Direct Air Capture technology.
Immeasurable Welcome Screen


Immeasurable is a Los Angeles-based family office that invests in companies across all sectors and geographies. They believe in the value of what can't be measured: traits like character, determination, and adaptability.
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PrintFriendly logo


PrintFriendly makes it easy to print web pages and convert them to PDFs, while also offering PDF compression, other PDF conversion options, and the convenience of signing PDFs online.
Remotion Logo


Remotion is a LinkedIn Ads Agency for B2B SaaS. They are true experts who have been specializing in this sphere since 2016.
Branding and graphic design have been made by Verticalloop.
Acquire Logo

Acquire Invest I.Q.

The fund infrastructure of the future. They digitally facilitate capital raise and bring investment products direct to investors.
Willbox logo


Willbox is the UK's leading supplier of new and used shipping containers, container conversions and site accommodation with nationwide delivery.
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Metrobike Logo


A New Class of Bicycles For Urban Mobility in the 21st Century.
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ISA logo

Innovative Solutions for Animals

ISA is a team of like-minded people, socially active companies, media personalities, volunteers who help low-income shelters and foster carers to support homeless animals.
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Customer testimonials

Social proof is very important. Discover why my clients have confidence in me and the value I can offer.

"I've worked with Basil multiple times and he's a master of Webflow. I highly recommend him and I'm looking forward to the next time that I get to work with him."
Photo of Blaine Vess

Blaine Vess

Entrepreneur and Investor

"Basil is an incredibly talented developer who possesses both technical acumen and creative finesse. He approaches web development with a meticulous sense of structure and planning while finding inventive solutions to the challenges of the medium. He is able to work through difficult timeframes while producing an exceptional final product with a consideration of every detail.
Any experienced product team would be lucky to have his spirit and ingenuity along with his remarkable talent."
Rowan icon

Rowan Ogden

Creative Director at Acres Design Studio

"Basil is great to work with. He’s reliable and gets the job done timely and according to scope."
Cosmo Montemurro photo

Cosmo Montemurro

CEO at Murro Realty

"Basil is meticulous. His work will exceed expectations. He is process driven and creative. Highly recommend working with him."
Brian Harstine photo

Brian Harstine

CEO at Acquire

"Basil is a lovely, personable guy who is easy to work with. He has an open approach to work and is willing to listen and learn alongside a team. I would recommend him for Squarespace and Webflow projects."
Mike Crompton photo

Mike Crompton

Founder at Summit Digital Marketing

"Basil is one of the best Webflow developers I've had the pleasure of working with. He's been my go-to guy for four years now on a number of projects."
David Head photo

David Head

CEO at Sixty

"It was a pleasure working with Basil Gloo and his team! They offer great experience, in-depth knowledge and a "get it done attitude". Creatively speaking they make your visions a reality and bring your projects to life. I will certainly work with Basil in the future and so should you!"
Francesco Raimondi photo

Francesco Raimondi

Digital Marketing Specialist at New Era Cap

"Basil was a wonderful provider, far from your cliche outsourced work. He came with good results and was flexible along the way to ensure that what was delivered satisfied the needs."
Emrah Yuceer photo

Emrah Yüceer

Co-Founder at KKAT

Frequently asked questions

I'm always happy to chat and answer any questions. Check out some of the most common customer queries about about my services. If you need more details, don't be shy - just give me a shout!

What is your experience?
I have been in the web development industry since 2005, which means I have over 15 years of experience. During this time, I have seen many things that modern designers and developers may not have encountered. However, these experiences have not been lost in time but have contributed to my knowledge and expertise. I excel in design principles and user experience, and I often manage and provide guidance on how to create effective interfaces. My specialty lies in designing adaptable layouts, which means I am proficient in creating responsive designs and layouts myself.
What services do you offer exactly?
Webflow development and interface design for websites is my primary focus. Additionally, I can provide consulting services during the planning phase to help you achieve your project goals.
What do you mean by "no-code and yes-code"?
My journey in Webflow development was preceded by a deep dive into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This background now empowers me to use code to elevate the form and function of experiences built with no-code tools.
Do you require finalized designs when reaching out?
Not exactly. I've found that the earlier I get involved in a project, the better the outcome. By doing so, I can help to create a seamless workflow between design and development and anticipate any potential difficulties from the development end. If you don't have designs, I can do this for you as well.
Do you work internationally?
Yes. I have clients in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, France, and others.
What are the payment terms for a project?
50% upfront and 50% after launch. This can be adjusted based on the project size.
How do you quote projects?
Each project is unique, so I provide custom quotes based on the project specifications. By carefully assessing the time and resources required to complete the project, I can deliver a personalised quote that meets your specific needs.
Can you maintain our project after delivery?
Yes, I can provide maintenance services that are designed to be adaptable to your schedule and budget.
Do you offer training?
Absolutely! Once project is complete, I can train your team to manage the Webflow project. This training can be conducted through live sessions, recorded videos, or a combination of both, depending on your preference.